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    Shining Gale is recruiting

    I've got a pleasure and honor to start first official squadron recruitment thread on NFEU;
    As such I would like to invite you to join Silvery Storm fleet [formerly - Shining Gale squadron], we're NF edition of group that plays few other online games, such as Warframe [name source], Black Desert Online or Planetside 2; we're small, casual group in general, but nothing stands against making NF version a little more focused.

    As per requirements we operate on 3 main requirements across all games:
    - Be willing to learn
    - Be willing to teach others [what you have learned]
    - Be respectful - to everyone; no exceptions;

    We will hope to provide you first and foremost nice community, more than anything, that you will like to hang out with and play with.

    In NavyField EU [this incarnation mind you] we have the honor of being The First Squadron recognized officially by NF servers, and oldest entity to reform into fleet.

    Emblem shows the kanji for storm; part of our name.

    Those interested in joining, please message me via PM on the forum.

    See you on the battlefield
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    Very happy for this If i can help let me know.
    Please also think of ideas for fleet events

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    Congrats on the first squadron. And congrats on the fleet, looking forward to the first HA's .

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    Thanks I'm not sure though if we'll be the first HA: had tons of work recently and thus have a delay in levels :/

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