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    Official NFEU Discord !! (GM is here ! )

    Quote Originally Posted by GM_J View Post

    NFEU Server Discord Link is as follow.
    You could meet GMs during the normal support time.
    - Normal week days: From 9:00 till 18:00 (CET)

    [NFEU TEAM Discord Server]

    Thank you,

    Hey guys! as you can see stated by GM_J, NFEU now has an official Discord server where players can talk to GM's and ask for assistance with problems they are having!

    What is Discord?: Discord is a free voice and text chat app designed specifically for gaming you can download it to your desktop, laptop or even your mobile phone to stay connected with everyone, just click the link above and register an account and you will be connected immediately.

    Hope to see and chat with you guys there if you have any questions on connecting or having issues let me know here or via PM and i will help you the best i can!

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    is this still online?

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    I cant see it anymore

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    Hey everyone!

    Cant we make another discord server for everyone who just wanna look for other players to join in with???
    Doesnt have to be for support from eurogamez but some server where we can find each other would be awesome!


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