Smokes only for CL... Sounds logical, but now I'm going to show why it's not. Let's pretend you're a fleet leader and tomorrow you are going to have nice HA with your best opponents (most of us here for it right?). OR you have a test whether you're good or bad commander.
You're planning harbour tile ship preset, the choices are: 24 BB6 + 1 smoke CL or 25 BB6?
Let's use common sense and logic to help you decide!

~40k hp + ~45k damage + 900 sd + great AA (or lots of hedgehogs) + ~5 scouts = universal battleship


~13k (single HT mine is enough to destroy) + some AA + opportunity to have 15 sec smoke each 2:15 minutes

Whatis your choice?

The problem all fleets faced on NFNA (I mean normal fleets, not noobie fleets) that CL and CA are completely useless in comparison with BB6, so having it is foolish. I just highlighted for you how all the NFNA came to constant 25 BB6 wall vs 25 BB6 wall battles. Any variation of it decreases win chances.

So OF COURSE all the ships must be able to use smokes = A LOT OF fun and tactics for fleets!