Dear NFEU Fans,

We are happy to announce below patch and event plan on This Thursday.

Some patches are a bit delaying and taking time but some are good.

Additionally, We provides good Events for making people grow fast.

Please check below and state anything !! ^^

Patch :

1. Blitz Level Cap will be lowed by 65.

2. Blitz default map will be changed to Hobbit Map.

3. Great Battle Room will give 10% more XP than Blitz.

4. Matching Bug : We are really trying to fix this and set logs on server. Sadly, the improvement might be next week. Sorry.

5. Server move or migration : During the weekend, the lag was reduced much and we decide to keep an eye on current game server. But strange things is the lagging situation getting worse from this Monday. We will check more carefully and decide how to improve the lagging situation.

6. The Room waiting time extended to 15 minutes : We forgot to announce this last week patch. Sorry!

Event :

1. All recent fans who playing NFEU now will get 1 month Premium !!

2. Item Drop Event : Now we are deeply checking and it's the possible situation now.

3. Low Level User Boosting Event : 200% Boosting below lvl 60 !!

4. Weekly Nation Boosting Event will be started !!

5. The Highest Level player will get gift around 50 euro bonus cash at the end of this month.

Winner : xxgingerxx (Level 114 at end of March)

6. The First Fleet will get Bonus too !!

Winner Fleet : Band of Brothers (Fleet master get 30 euro bonus and Squadron master get 10 euro bonus !!)

7. The verified NFEU come-back fans will get starter package of BB or CV or SS !! Send ticket and we will verify and provide the gift !!

Click here and Send ticket now!

The confirmed official announcement will be followed tomorrow but things are consolidated and things will be implemented 90% more !!

We are listening community voice all the time and will improve this game together.

Hope people comeback and enjoy ^^

Team EuroGameZ