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    Hi there

    i have sent a new support ticket.

    Where can i see the progress?

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    You received the bonus in your account ^^

    Please check and enjoy!

    Team EuroGameZ

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    @ wishman111

    Uhm an event like that isnt about being fair, its about competition. I will, at some point, hold events like that too ingame(albeit no real cash but ingame currency and points will be given by me), for example: Me and my GF vs all(me and my gf are driving some higher ships than you will to actualy make it more than the monster battle room, yet without monster ships)(you will then have certain shiptypes at your disposal like for example, when me and my GF are using our famous CA and CV (mainly Myokou and Houshou) combo against you all i would allow any DD and CL in the room yet maybe only limited CA on your side). I would then pay the one who sinks me , as well as the one who sinks my GF either Points or Creds. So only 2 of you all would get something, the rest would still gain exp thou.

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    I've sent a ticket as well, nothing happend

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    Now it's happen redskygod, right ^^

    Thank you for your coming-back all fans!!

    Team EuroGameZ

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    What Kind of Issue should we use for the support ticket if im a comeback player?
    I'm not 100% sure about my old account name, would the used e-mail work aswell?


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    I just submitted a return ticket. Please check.

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    You all got the gift now? ^^

    Have fun and enjoy!

    Team EuroGameZ

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    Quote Originally Posted by EuroGameZ View Post
    You all got the gift now? ^^

    Have fun and enjoy!

    Team EuroGameZ
    which categorie should I choose for the return ticket?

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    Sorry about the Categories.
    Any Category is fine and we all check the tickets and provide the gift very quick ^^

    Team EuroGameZ

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