Hello all

I hope you are all enjoying the game. I thought i would share a story of how the fan page was created
Years and years ago I was part iowa and missrui servers.
I then helped create cro alliance with my old friend luky. Which then merged to ra alliance.
I joined yamoto when the move went over and then become part of a japense fleet with many friends in it. I got asked to run a squad called red coats for the English speaking side. I trained and helped many members who in the old days had the largest fleets around such as AA. I took a year break from navyfield after losing sight a bit. I then rejoined and was appointed to Tnf this lasted until kaiser server. I left tnf when I lost my wifes mum. I just couldn't do the time tnf needed. I then run fleets such as Jrf with devildog Steel dragons lost souls and many more. At times jrf and steel dragons were the largest on the server. After a short break yet again due to another family member passing away. I left navyfield for a bit. Coming back to reform the revival of navyfield. This is were i met marune who is like a brother to me and we started the fan page. I then had volunteers from the graphic design world and gaming world.
We all have one join vision bring back the days of Navyfield attracting new players old players and making the game reach the all time top ten of online multi player games. We do this by creating ideas media and speaking to managements such as steam and online review websites.
I hope this hasn't been to long for most and I hope to see you all in game.
This is our fb page link and our whatzup group link