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    Km CV fighter pilots help needed

    i need someone who knows stuff about our current game
    i would like to get me a km cv , but only posts i find about those are YEARS old...
    i think about getting 12 fighter base, eliter, or super elite,
    and WHEN and how to class i heard its better to not class them when they reach first fighter class ....
    i would really appreciate when someone could answer me, or just pm me or pm me on discord, i have alot of questions

    thank you guys in advance...

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    It all depends on how many vets you will want to put on them.

    - 109 vets max: class to Ace (not further)
    - max vets (around 160): class to Fighter, and not further

    This is because with every classing (where fighter ability goes up), the additional crew members per level decrease: Fighter gives +5, Ace +4, SQL +3

    Currently, we have the NFNA version of Navyfield. These data are for NFNA pilots, where only one stat is active, "Aircraft" for scouts, "Fighter" for fighters, "Bomber" for Torp or Dive bombers.
    For NFEU, it was the "fighter" stat on which the attack value for all pilots depended, and for defense, "bomber". The "aircraft" stat was deactivated.

    And you want to class them fighter as soon as possible. Otherwise you lose out on stat growth. Crew growth is the same for "special forces" and fighter (+5 per level). So no reason to delay classing.

    Hope that helps.

    (And this is actually true for all fighters, not just KM)
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