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    Post Black Lancers are recruiting

    Hello there i am happy to announce the creation of the Black Lancers.

    This will be a English speaking Squadron and eventually Fleet, it will be made up of veterans and newcomers.

    The Black Lancers is meant to be adaptable in being able to be either serious and professional or laid back and casual, with a good community and offering players a friendly mature environment.

    We also highly value what is in this quote
    - Be willing to learn
    - Be willing to teach others [what you have learned]
    - Be respectful - to everyone; no exceptions

    Quoted from Shining Gale post
    Requirements to join are the following.

    Mental Maturity, members need to be at least 16 years old however exceptions will be made depending on individual cases.

    A good comprehensive grasp of English and being able to communicate in a understandable way.

    Having a headset with microphone (highly recommended)

    No faction restrictions (you can use whichever navy you feel most comfortable with, though expect that depending on situation you may be asked/ordered to use a certain ship type, your proficiency will be taken into account to this.)

    The Black Lancers have it's own Discord as well, PM me on Discord and I will send the link to you.

    We do not accept, nor tolerate people who support/house national socialistic or racist ideals/Organisations.
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