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    Lightbulb Better Deals for customer and seller (NF Store and Special Currency)

    First of it would be nice to make a new Currency for NF, simply by separating current E-G Cash from other games and renaming it to for example, Navy Ducats, Navy Sovereigns.

    I have not studied economics or commerce, my knowledge is self taught from real life and game wise experience.

    The current prices for E-G Cash is not bad or should be changed, they are fine as they are.

    What should be changed is what you get for the different price packages, from 1€ up to 100€, for example at 1€ you can get 500-750-1000 E-G Cash and at 100€ you multiply that offer on 1€ by 100 for 100€ ( in other words, for 100€ you get between 50.000-75.000-100.000 E-G Cash).

    Bonuses could also be added for Cash Packages starting from 1-5€ packages, ranging from a set amount or by %, for example 5€ you get the standard amount for that package plus 5-15-25% additional, this is an amount based on the package amount you get normally let's say you get 5000 E-G Cash from this, +25% you then get 1250 additional.

    With this there will be a higher inclination to spending money in the store, without the need to lower prices.

    The Item Store should also increase the selection being offered, for example offer 60-90-120-240 and 365 day subscription options for premium time.

    Additional packages for special items like Hedgehogs, Mines, and Smoke could also be added.

    A Gift system should also be implemented where players/customers can send items/cash and this could also be for a fee as well, from 5 EG to a maximum of 500-750 per transfer depending on total worth and/or type of the contents being sent to another recipient.

    Add a Birthday Present Package, a few variations of this can exist and/or be customized and they are only gift-able, and could be unlocked on a recipient's birthday.

    Regulars could gain additional perks to further encourage putting in money.

    If others have any other ideas how to make the NF store better and make the revenue for the game improve, do not hesitate to post here, and make sure to leave your opinions and/or constructive criticism here as well.

    This thread will be updated when I can think of anything else that can be beneficial regarding the topic it holds.

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    We will consider this idea, JohnAnders ^^

    Some are really good and others need to check with Company ^^

    Thank you!

    Team EuroGameZ

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    What could be retained from OP's suggestion is this:

    - make available EG-cash in multiples of €1 (without discounts)

    - progressive discounts on higher amounts of cash spent. Example 1000 EG-cash for €10, 1650 EG-cash for €15, 2300 EG-cash for €20...

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    So basicaly what WG is doing. Yet NF needs to be a tad bit fairer with this. The actual Premium ships are not realy worth it compared to the medal event ones, getting sailors well, if the grind would be easier that would be nice (i mainly mean the exp limit earlier on), plus i can get better sailors at events ( i hope we get them here too especiel the christmas ones XD), premium time well, we dont have our 70 to 80% silver status anymore, we have straight 100%, 140 is not that much of an increase, thou still nice, and 1k per 5 minutes waitign isnt worth it later on(basicaly having an idea of how to use Manual aim or the FCS X, yields more exp and creds than premium for an mediocre manual aimer). ATM. its nice thou, i spend money already and got plenty more than on NFNA already because we have it easier and cheaper. Save they add some Event BB in the premium store, and i hope they will, nothing there is realy worth it save for a new beginning or to get tons of smoke again(again, via some of the nice events , best example the dropping event and hopefully later the Dice event, we get that stuff for free).

    Still, getting even more for more money spend will be nice if i ever decide on having multiple nations(even thou thats not my plan at all, i am bussy filling 25 shipslots with IJN ships already (10 normal because thats the limit and 15 premium/event ones so i hit the absolute upper limit in ships). I would find it nice if we dont only get this better currency system, but also better stuff in the prem store , for example, an increase of total sailors you can have or an increase of total ships that you can have (currently , if they didnt change it for NFEU, its 25 in total (prem/event + normal ones). Or boost premium acc bonus to like 200% (even thou that seems much, it realy isnt. A mediocre player like i said will never come close to the exp one can get when driving decent to good)

    Thats just my opinion thou.

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