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Thread: Unsecure forum

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    Exclamation Unsecure forum

    I'm submitting this, as a student in computer science, this makes me feel really bad, please fix it:
    EDIT: Okay as the attached image got laughable in size (even tho it's 4k in original size :S ), the forum isn't in HTTPS. And this is, in 2017, really... bad, when using a forum where people are using passwords and such.
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    Dear Philotas,

    Now we have some this cases and trying to fix.

    Forum is separated with game ID and don't worry too much about the game login or data.

    We will hurry up to fix this.

    Team EuroGameZ

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    Exept one uses the same (i do but only in name btw. to better be recognisable). Yet it actualy is of no real thread to let firefox say that it isnt safe or stuff. Exept another one on the forum wants to do something about this, wich i doubt as NFEU rebirth, is still to young to draw hackers to it.

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