Just read and laugh at this. If they give us the posibility to do so, then why the hell should be restrain ourselfes? For their mistakes btw. I mean, giving Hyuuga(EBB2) enogh gunspace to even fit the 18.1 inch guns of Yamato? With enogh space and weight limit too? Its not OUR(the players) fault, its their's for adding that posibility to us. BTW. Back on NFEU where we first got Hyuuga she was nowhere near as powerfull. She was just an remoddeled Ise with some better gunspace plus a little bit more weight, and the ability to field premium guns(wich means 6x3 12.2 inch guns from B65). Nothing more. What NFNA did was overpowering her, and nerfing Mutsu because they have a grudge against the Nagato class in total. I will ask TNF EU to reballance this stuff as it gets available via medal store to not be OP that way (at least some of them, Shinano and other EBB4 and 5 are fine as they are)

Regarts: Cmdr_Kouta