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    Whats the matter with the balance system?
    Some easy balance like splitting ca and cv.. or 2 cls for 1 ca is an easy task. Or even split 6 dds into 3v3 matchup?
    just had a game...NF1703221228550532.jpg
    How the current balance AI work ? Calculating the amount of letters in the nicknames?

    Isnt it possible to reactivate manual rebalancing while the Balance AI is on Drugs ?

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    It is already known that there are issues with splitting the teams. They are looking into it, as said in the last patch release, and different topics on this forum.

    Hopefully we will get some feedback about it in the near future.

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    yes i know. but activating manual balancing while fixing the issue could be helpful.

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    Three months later: nothing.

    In a recent thread, I even had to explain to Eurogamez what is meant by "balancing issues". They thought I was talking about individual ships.

    Other than talk, these people will not do anything.

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