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    UNCF (United Nation Cosmo Force) is Recruiting

    Hello Comunity,

    at first i did not want to try to make a fleet again, yet after carefull consideration(and because someone actualy wanted to join my squad, i was suprised about this^^), i think its time to make this little thread.

    I am looking for people that wants to join my little fleet that is mostly about fun, thou i will not mind attacking BoB someday for Habor controll (and i guess they will be the top fleet again soon like back then even thou there where numerous good ones too). I have little rules for this, some important one would be: No insulting (i admit its hard from time to time, yet please keep it at a minimum), having fun (yet we all have, yet fun can be using lower level guns on something like BB5 (for example using 6 inch guns only and make a normal room just for this occasion(i will try to host events like that in the future(no real events, yet i could bring a little something for the winner team like 20 to 50k creds for each winning member, something like that, or if they put in the MVP system, for the MVP only of the winning team).

    No TS is needed, thou i will maybe in the future use it for better comunication. Just PM me ingame via /w command , or even better, having a radio man ready (thats what you need to join a squad/fleet anyway, its either crewmen lvl 6, so its easy to get one)

    Now thats about all, from here on its a little rpg like discribtion about how i came to use that name for my Fleet, hope ya all can understand it and dont mind typo's and lack of gramatic^^

    Regarts: Cmdr_Kouta

    (i will give credits later, and its an Alternate Reality, so please be polite and accept that RPG storry of me and my gf)

    The United Nation Cosmo Force, formerly Earth Defence Force prior to being more than just a Defence fleet of Earth , but actualy the military of the United Earth Federation, is the main striking force of Earth and its allie's in the year 2050 onward. Duo to Hyuuga's influence and technology from the future, the EDF was able to accieve major scientific breakthoghs and became the major power of Earth. The main base and HQ is situated in Japan under the command of Kouta Seto. He controlls everything military in the UEF, each decision has to be signed from him, be it humanitary aid or a decleration of war. The UEF in total is under the keen eye of Mina Tepes, the empress of Japan(thanks to Kouta, back then Shogun and because Kouta did not officialy want to be Emperor himselfe, to much paperwork and he has no real skill at diplomacy), yet Kouta holds controll over the whole military. Its like back in the old day's of japan, where the emperor/empress was soly for the civil needs and the shogun(translated to General actualy) was soly for the military stuff.

    Thats enogh for now, its kinda hard for me to translate the stuff to proper english (i am german btw.) yet that sums it up about what the UNCF actualy is from my point of view.

    Again: I dont want to offend anybody by saying that the EDF originated in Japan and Japan now rules the world, its RPG that we talk about, everyone has the right to do what he/she wants in that.

    Credits go to the makers of:Hyperdimension Neptunia(Compile Heart)soly for the Nepu i say every time(cant think of something noire would say save from Victory, Nowa(only once thou and it was funny), Dance in the Vampire bund(mainly for Mina wich i borrowed just for the RPG and because she is influental enogh in my eyes to be an empress), Arpeggio of Blue steel (for Hyuuga and the technology advantages of the UNCF), Space battleship Yamato , Yamato 2199, Yamato 2202(For the Actual UNCF and UEF PLUS most of the ships later used in RPG in space and ofc. the Wave motion gun) Kantai Collection(for numerous characters i did not write anything about in this little sum up, i can put on more of this if people wish for it thou(mainly because Nagato is the second in command of the UNCF because she fits this spot absolutely well(and because i like her XD).

    Again: i dont steal anything and make profit of it, i just borrowed some stuff and repurposed it myselfe to fit my needs. Personality's are mostly the same for the people involved save some adjustments for mainly the Tsundere characters in this(and there are plenty ya dont know about or wanna know about)

    Hope ya liked it if ya read it. Cya ingame! Godspeed and have Poi all! Nepu!
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