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    CV and Fighter/Dive Bomber/Torpedo Bomber level potential problem.

    I am aware not everyone here knows but there is one limitation that planes and carriers have, namely: Difference between level of Carrier and Fighter pilot, Dive Bomber pilot or Torpedo Bomber pilot levels cannot be higher than 14 levels.
    Admitedly it does not disable progression, it may become a hassle between levels, even beyond already enforced limits due to level difference XP penalty.
    Let us take a Kriegsmarine for example;

    Difference in levels between specific carriers in the line:
    Seydlitz <-12 levels-> Graf Zeppelin
    Graf Zeppelin <-13 level-> Graf Zeppelin II
    Graf Zeppelin II <-16 levels-> Europa
    Europa <-24 levels-> De Grasse

    What does it mean?
    Seydlitz -> Graf Zeppelin can be leveled without hassle even if Bridge Operator has same level as Plane pilots;
    Graf Zeppelin -> Graf Zeppelin II has same ability
    unfortunatelly Graf Zeppelin II -> Europa needs at least 2 levels better BO than any plane pilot squadron; 20% experience should help here.
    Europa and De Grasse however is in problematic 10 levels difference between BO and fighter squadrons however; as 'shared zone' for fighters is only 4 levels;

    That makes it a 'slightly' annoying/hassle to train up crewmen BUT there's one more tiny little detail:
    Hindenburg, a.k.a. 'Premium CV'
    Level of Hindenburg is 105; As such it can use at best 119 level pilots.
    Issue? Level 120 is the level cap.
    in short - it is the only premium ship fundamentally uncapable of using max level crew.

    Before argument comes that it may be the issue of level of ship in question and higher level ships have higher tolerance, I took a liberty of screenshoting the error when used on Hindenburg:

    Now, shouldn't experience gain for BO mitigate that difference in ships that fighters MUST have lower level than BO?
    let's see for Kriegsmarine:

    Graf Zeppelin II -16 levels-> Europa
    Europa BO - level 96 - 7134900 XP
    MAX Graf Zeppelin Pilot +1 (level 95) - 6489900 XP [well, minus one point, this XP will put pilot into 'unusable' stage]
    Difference: 9.9385% - should work; why do I care then?

    Europa - 24 levels-> De Grasse
    Da Grasse BO - level 120 - 40674600 XP
    MAX Europa Pilot +1 - (level 111) - 24604600 XP
    Difference: 65,313% - Nope, XP difference will not make it happen.

    In short :
    To get Da Grasse BO, without use of Premium Carrier, or reclassing of BO you can literally:
    1) Get main plane set
    2) Level it up to Europa
    3) Use it on Europa, until you cannot use it anymore
    4) Get ANOTHER pilot set
    5) Get that new pilot set all the way up to level 106 [no, I'm NOT kidding you], on a pro side - you have two full sets (!) of planes capable operating with Da Grasse.

    With PCV it is not a big deal;
    Europa <- 11 levels -> Hindenburg
    Hindenburg <- 15 levels -> Da Grasse
    make such movement rather painles as the moment you cannot use Hindenburg with pilots Da Grasse makes it possible to use them, and it is also the level cap.

    It is quite interesting quirk of mechanics though, as such I would like to put it into general knowledge, it may however be an interesting idea to increase the level spread at least by 1 level, to allow PCVs to use 120 level crew members, to put it in line with e.g. capabilities of PSS or even PBB/PCA/PCL;
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