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    Exclamation NFEU First HA this Saturday 4 pm CET !! BOB vs TeamNF will be on Twitch TV !!

    Dear NFEU Fans !!

    Finally we are having first Harbor Assault this Saturday.
    It's been all not-occupied situation and any fleet can just declare and take the Harbor without defense.

    So NFEU decided to create TeamNF Fleet and will give some fun to attacker Fleet.
    People can watch the live on Twitch TV and can enjoy the Battle together ^^

    1. When : 25th of March, 2017, this Saturday 4 pm CET !!

    2. Which Harbor : Hamburg ( We think BOB has something stick to this Harbor^^; )

    3. Why TeamNF defend : Just for fun for BOB and other people.

    4. How Defend : MonsterShip + 10 below ships. Monstership will do things just like event ^^; No worry ^^

    5. Next Step? : All Harbors will be occupied by TeamNF tomorrow and this First HA fun will be given to all Fleets that trying to occupy any harbor firstly.

    6. How to communicate for battle? : NFEU Discord !!

    sgtmaster's will broadcasting and others will do too we think.
    When confirmed, we will post the links here.

    Added Links; (German Language)

    NFEU hope all people congratulate this first HA and enjoy the Battle together !!

    Thank you!

    Team EuroGameZ

    PS : Fleet or Squadron master can send ticket for calling helps for speeding up or activating Fleet. Especially Radioman support can be followed by GM's discretion.

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    So lets have some fun together


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    Thank you BoB ^^

    We will do our best ! ^^;;;

    Good night,

    Team EuroGameZ

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    Just want to thank TNF and Dragoner (sgtmaster) for streaming it on Twitch. I love the initiative, and will definitely watch <3.

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    Congratulation BoB ^^

    And thank you for the all defense, TeamNF members ^^

    Thank you for the Twitch of sgtmaster and vikingdeath !!

    EuroGameZ will prepare some gift for you all and celebrating the NFEU start of HA !!

    Let's see next week !! ^^

    Have a nice weekend !!

    Team EuroGameZ

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    Hi all,

    it was a short but a funny HA Attack. We are back in Buisness.
    We want to say "thank you" to all Defenders and TeamNF. Hopefully will increase the Server population very soon. We hope the Streaming guys have some nice Videorecordings.

    We read about something "BoB will take all Harbours now". Thats not true and a lie. We wont take take other Harbours we just want to own Hamburg. But we keep it open to respond to provocations and attacks on Hamburg accordingly.

    BoB Management
    Band of Brothers

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    We decided to do 1 week of Item Drop Event again and called "First HA Celebrating Event by BoB" ^^

    I will try to insist more rate to company !! ^^

    Thank you!

    Team EuroGameZ

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    Band of Brothers

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    Great news

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