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    Exclamation Harbor Assault Activation Support will be provided by EuroGameZ !!!

    Dear NFEU Fans,

    Now that EuroGameZ has decided to support more on the HA side like followings as of the celebrating situation today, First HA in NFEU server.

    It's because HA is the most important contents of Navyfield Europe and NFEU will focus on keeping making HA more fun, more valuable and more worth of playable.

    We will carefully decide the leader of fleet and verify and provide below;

    1. Radioman leveling support.

    2. 5 Million cost support for making Fleet.

    Post here and we will verify the leader with people here !!

    Thank you !

    Team EuroGameZ

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    I dont need 1., Radioman is high enough.

    2) would be nice to have


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    Would be grateful for help!

    Thank you!

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    What kakarott said
    1) Is all good
    2) Would be GREAT to have

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