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    [Twitch] Advices on streaming NF


    I'm asking a twitch related question as there are quite a few who are doind it already.

    So basically I use OBS, I realised I can't just stream the game, the Navy Field process only, because the result is a black screen on the stream. Which is why I turned it on streaming my whole desktop instead, which is fine because I get the game to be full screen on the twitch then.

    But I'd like to know if anyone managed to do differently. Namely, I'd like to be able to stop the stream to show what I'm doing when I'm alt tabbing. I figured out I can just uncheck the source that the stream is capturing (in my case my whole screen) which then just gives a black screen to the stream.

    Also I never like... commented, so I'm not sure whether just showing the game with no sound would be okay?
    Or rather, is it easy to setup OBS so that it only captures the sound of Navy Field and not me and my buddies talking?

    If you got any good tips, please share


    (I'm looking to do this stream thingy because of the possible HA upcoming ^^)

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    trie it myself m8 today ^^ and for me also only whole desktop can be captured. ive set in options to record only 1024x768 of my resolution (since its the nf resolution ingame) then iam able to stream Fullscreen. But its pretty laggy. I can show u sometime. Its not very smooth dunno why ;(

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    Hello blindshot,

    sorry for my late reply^^.

    I want to share my streaming setup with you guys, so you can stream in full-size resolution.

    You need:
    • OBS or another streaming application
    • dxtory [for me it only works with the legacy version 2.0.128] ~30€
    • a fast pc at least i7
    • nividia graphics card

    So lets get started...
    First of all why a nivida graphics card? Answer is simple, because the nivida software automaticly scales navyfield to your fullscreen resolution. Also you can add other effects like AA to the game.
    Intel and AMD graphics do have similar functions but it's a little bit tricky to get it to work.

    So why do we need dxtory and not just OBS for recording?
    Again answer is pretty simple, because OBS recoder suc...
    You cannot hook to the game with the OBS gamerecoder for whatever reason and if you try to record your screen you only get the 1024*768 resolution.
    Soooo to get the scaled video-stream from your graphics card we need dxtory.
    We simply record the game with this software and send the video-stream to OBS. We will use OBS just for uploading the stream and your overlays.

    Ok now take a look at my dxtory settings:

    Now you the only thing you have to do is add a new video input feed from camera[in obs] and select Dxtory Video 1.
    Play a little bit with your settings in obs to get the maximum performance.

    There is only one little downside: You cannot do this in a VM! Because the Videooutput in a VM is always 720p because there is and there will not be any graphics driver who can rescale the game!

    And another HINT!!!:
    You will crash the game due to the fact that dxtory hooked navyfield. Just stop the recording if you need to minimize your navyfield.

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    For me streaming with obs (not studio) and capturing the whole monitor works perfect. I am also using an nvidia card with full screen scaling. No performance loss at all. No issues with alt tabing. I am however only using nvidia driver, no GeForce Experience, no nvidia shield.

    Might wanna check your setups.

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    Thanks for your reply guys. Ive got a Radeon card so.. ;( but maybe its my PC.. but dont think so since the cpu usage is fine while recording.
    I5 4600
    12gb ddr3
    radeon 480x

    Ive seen that radeon have its own inbuild gamehook + record/stream possibilities but as in many other programs.. it dont see NF ;D

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    nice tried out dxtory.. works well finally pretty smooth stream. i let gpu decode to lower my cpu usage since nf dont rly need my video card

    BTW nfcrash when i forgot to turn of dxtory works fine aswell thank you very much =)

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    hey i found a way to prevent crashes with dxtory just push to stop the dxtory recording and u can tab in nf without a crash

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