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    Question Penalty for living the fleet

    Hello everyone!

    At this moment penalty for living the fleet is 3 weeks, what is obviously too much. May be it should be reduced to 1 week?

    Why this problem aquired:
    This HA I've joined defenders of the HA (Team NF) to make some fun for attackers, but now upon creating our original fleet I have penalty for joining from 26.03.2017 till 10.04.2017.

    It is too long and should be reduced for my opinion.

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    Dear NFEU Fans!

    Now the penalty is 2 weeks and now we considering to decrease that to 1 week.
    Basically fleet leaving penalty should be set because of fleet jumping abusing situation.

    But now NFEU is making some activating and creating Fleet situation and thinking about decreasing.

    All people who want to erase the penalty at the moment, just send ticket and we will erase and will help you !!

    Thank you

    Team EuroGameZ

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    Great! Thanks a lot!

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    First time in my life i see such great and friendly Game Masters.
    Keep it up! Thank you!

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    Thank you Volfran,

    NFEU will try our best to improve this server.

    We can see your friends are coming!

    Thank you!

    Team EuroGameZ

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    For the future I do not think that the penalty should be lowered. As said by EuroGameZ, it is there to not allow fleet jumping. Therefore it should stay at a healthy 3 weeks, or even 4.

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    Penalty for living the

    I want to suggest making how many turns to use to help fleet reach destination more flexible.

    Just like you can choose how many turns to use to expedite building and research, can we make use X turns to expedite fleet or use Y to make it reach destination?

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