So here we are, finally starting the harbour assaults, as one already happened and successfully with that! This should lead to other ones in order to have some great fun around this awesome game mode.

Which is why I'm officialy stating that the FNFL are looking for new members. Some history, the FNFL were the free french naval forces during WW2. The fleet already existed back on the old NFeu server. We were never a part of the big fleets mainly because the game was translated to french only in the last times of the server, even though I'm pretty confident lots of potential french speaking players would love to join us on NF!

As you may have guessed, we're a french speaking fleet, talking the language is a big plus!

Since I stated that we were never amongst the strongest fleets, now is not the time we're at our one strongest as the server just opened and for now only few players came back! Still, we'd love to fight hard battles in the HA modes and we're naturally inclined to put our flag on Toulon!

This very reason leads to a call to anyone or any squad/fleet interested in joining forces for the sake of the HA fun to contact me. The goal would be to organize a HA on Toulon, and you would join for the event, so that you could have fun together with us. So if you too want to share the experience and cannot right now, we'd gladly consider you joining us for this awesome event.

We want you! Reach out to me in order to discuss about this opportunity.

PS: this is aimed to the GMs, I hope you are fine with me looking out for people to join our fleet just for the HA! I think this is a great opportunity to give the chance to people to get some fun while there aren't many organized fleets. We have the fleet but not the number right now, so everyone would benefit of the situation: more people get to play the HA and we get to see our flag floating in the wind above Toulon at least once!