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    our answers were for the question why you dont have a nice spread and a hint that elite accs are useless.. nothing more. If you already knew this all then write it when opening a thread with such a question And i dont think that there is any official info about Gunrev.. Its easier to try out the typical used guns in real battle if they block or not. But as i said the old nations blocking well with their triples.

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    Ye most triples for old nations do blockshot well .. Just weird that MN has no gun at all with blockshot :/

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    We think we narrow the reason of the problem and we will ask this to Dev.

    Thank you!

    Team EuroGameZ

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    The problem is not with the devs as this is game mechanic by design. The problem is with your shop that offers sailors that are obviously by no means usefull. I mean even with US classing a RLD-RLD-RLD path with an elite RLD gunner makes more sense than with eliteACC so why put up that shop item in the first place?

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    This, absolutely.

    It is becoming clear that not enough thinking has gone into the shop offer. There are a good number of items that *may* make sense to sell for a mature server like NFNA, but no sense whatsoever on this server NFEU, which is "young" (because of reset).

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    true that some items make no sense at all... but BUT!! Its not like its only in NF or? Ive played many games which had also online shops for prem stuff. Nf ist a tricky game :P and who does not inform himself before buying stuff...well own problem like in other games.
    Its again a thing that some people see as problem to ask again devs to do something against it.
    Soon nf will be as easy as ping pong..

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    As I think the discussion here is done, allow me for this little off topic:
    Does this seem easy to you?

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    If it's not working, we think we should make it working and worth.

    Or we will deactivate the items until it's working....

    We will check!

    Team EuroGameZ

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    If its not working and you fix it later.. Do I get some kind of compensation or something?

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    Maybe some Items are a bit too early in shop...
    We need to check things first and have to arrange. Please wait ^^

    Team EuroGameZ

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