Dear Navyfield Europe Captains,

We do our regular maintenance and Patch tomorrow and followings are the schedule and details;

Schedule : From 9 am till 11:00 am on 6th of April 2017 CEST

(Game-Play not available during 2 hour but we might open the server a bit earlier)

1.512 Update Details

1. Medal Shop will be opened on the Website!!

2. Harbor Assault Time Change like below;

- Italy : 12:00

- Germany : 14:00
- Soviet : 16:00
- London : 18:00
- France : 20:00

- Japan : 14:00

- Usa : 20:00

NFEU tried to set it all in one day, on Saturday but Dev advised for us to set it not overlapped for avoiding some buggy situation. So we set the time like this at this moment!

3. ASync situation optimization and EuroGameZ arrange the network and infra of Data-Center.

4. Client crash related dump file works will be done.

5. Ship Rotation function will be back as old NFEU did before.

Events Details:

1. 200% EXP, 150% of
Credits and Points of All Battle Room Boosting Event keep going on during 2 weeks.

- Period : 11 am
CEST, 6th of April - 9 am CEST, 20th of April.

2. 200% Low Level User Boosting Event - Below lvl 60 during 2 weeks keep going on.

- Period : 11 am CEST, 6th of April - 9 am CEST, 20th of April.

3. 200% Weekly Nation Boosting Event - France during 1 week and next will be RM.

- Period : 11 am CEST, 6th of April - 9 am CEST, 13th of April.

4. First Win Double EXP Event will keep going on.

*Finally the Medal Shop will be opened and NFEU Captains can have the chance of Event Ships.
Sadly Some Items has been skipped because we are just started server and those Items will be added when this server enoughly matured.

Thank you for your passion and NFEU will keep up things!

Team EuroGameZ