There's nothing better than a weekend spent playing Freestyle2.

Spend your weekend with us and get some awesome rewards!

Event Period:
April 7th ~ April 10th

Event Details:
Login for the following amount of days to receive Item Balls,
Card Balls, and even Sub Att Changers!

You can get a maximum of Item Balls x9, Card Balls x6 and
Sub Att Changer x3!

Logins Needed Rewards
2 Days Item Balls x3
3 Days Item Balls x3,
Card Balls x3
4 Days Item Balls x3,
Card Balls x3,
Sub Att Changer x3

** You must atleast play 1 team match for each day of login to
qualify for this event**

We will see you on the courts!

-Freestyle2 Team