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    CookingPapa's Channel of utter nonsense


    All for fun and fun for all, pls don't take these too seriously. They are 99% nonsense and any any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental... or ARE THEY? Nah jk they are, srsly.

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    Herp-mes vs Caisse

    Herp-... I mean Hermes Vs Caisse, when should you use either one of them.

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    Thats pretty cool, but i think caisse should do more dmg :c

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hellioncat View Post
    Thats pretty cool, but i think caisse should do more dmg :c

    He out-dps's Hermes only when target defense is above the threshold when physical dps starts to be less effective (which imo is 220+),but best thing bout kess is that he's useful against every boss :'). Even against 400 def he's still viable as dps at overheat stages 100~150 whereas herpes would be capped off dmg wise.
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    Monthly Dose of Stupid (April):

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    Early May Derps

    Because so much has happened in a week.

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