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    Cool TwoOverOne recruting!

    TwoOverOne faction is recruting new pioneers

    Are you an independent player wanting to discover what is beyond daily missions?
    Do you like pvp and want to fight enemies in field?
    Do you put teamplay ahead of solo ambitions and ideas?
    Do you know that for a succesfull clan all roles needs to be cover as buffer, debuffer, tank, dps, etc.?

    We are recruting new and old players interested in hunting field bosses, CW, CB
    doing dailies like CTB, rank5s, armonias
    and weeklies montoro, CTB and armonia.

    If this description suits your ideas pls give us a pm ingame to

    ThatBoyNextDoor or
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    Quote Originally Posted by CalintzJerevinan View Post
    ^independent not independet
    ^team play not teamplay ^ambitions not amibitons
    ^successful not sucesfull
    ^recruiting not recruting (2 Mistakes) on both paragraphs/sentences
    ^rank 5 not rank5s ^Armonia's not armonia's
    ^weekly Montoro Raids ^Armonia not armonia
    ^please not pls ^in game not ingame

    Final English Test Score: F- (Unable to use a spell checker and refusing to learn how to proof-read his or her mistakes)
    Hello frend wow yuo make such very good well examinatons continue doing the work good ))

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    This is a Faction recruitment thread, please just respect it. It is what educated people do.
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    Ignore him. That guy has nothing better to do than browse every GE forum there is to browse and write unnecessary remarks.

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    An adequate leader for an adequate guild.
    And yes, Q_Q more, pls. Boy XD
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    Thx, saved for collection lol
    " Satis Faction "

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    Quote Originally Posted by Evenkurugan View Post
    An adequate leader for an adequate guild.
    And yes, Q_Q more, pls. Boy XD
    Mad one.jpg
    says a guy who uses some others game audio in his youtube video lol..

    @topic either you join us or sthu
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    And this is the answer? XD
    Wanna say something else? - Do not disappoint me, pls.

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    took you almost 2 months to reply... you're very bright are you lol.

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