bok [Launcher] Error fix (Faiil to generate initiate Flash Player)
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    [Launcher] Error fix (Faiil to generate initiate Flash Player)

    Hello to all ^^

    Today when i wanted to run Granado Espada Client, it gave me Flash Player error:

    It says that Flash Player is not installed in our computer, so we need to install it, i made small tutorial, please follow those steps to fix this problem

    1. Using Internet Explorer, go to

    2. Uncheck the Optional Offer, and click Install Now

    since new browsers as "chrome" "firefox" have build-in flash players they doesn't require any additional flash player installation
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    Thanks Anomis!


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    Just to follow up this fix.

    Use Internet Explorer to download the flash player. Up to date Chrome/Mozilla will not work. I tried this.
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