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    [GE_EU] Happy Easter Special Sales Event

    Hello Pioneers,

    To welcome Easter, Happy Easter Special Sales Event has started.
    We wish you have happy Easter holidays~!

    Go to Web Item Shop.

    1) Event Period: 14.04.2017 ~ 25.04.2017

    2) Sales Items in Web Item Shop

    A. Rare Characters
    Asoka Package
    Kevin Royal Package
    Student President Card
    Adelina the Pirate Card
    Sorang Card
    Juliana Royal Package
    Cadet Amy Royal Package
    Consul Dietrich Royal Package
    Reaper Sariel Royal Package
    Jane New Student Package
    Mirelle Freshman Package
    Supreme Commander Cano Royal Package
    Snowflake Cherlyn Package
    Rose Spirit Package
    Selene Card
    Divine Hammer Bryan Card
    Elizabeth Card
    Jaina Card *added

    B. Growth Stone Bundle Sales (Web Item Shop / Consume)
    - Growth Stone x 200 Box: 7200 EGC (30%)
    - Growth Stone x 300 Box: 9000 EGC (50%)
    - Treasure Book of Heaven: 413 (30%)

    C. Enchant Sedative (10 min.) - Expert Package Sales (Web Item Shop / Consume)

    Go to Web Item Shop.

    Thank you,
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