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    bug on losing the "Welcome Buff" when my family lvl is only 22

    Family name: STKMRO

    When does the bug appear?: 19th Apr 2017 at about 1200hrs

    Detailed description of the problem: I am only family level 22. I left my PC on afk mode in Ancient Skeleton Dungeon for a few hours.

    When i came back, suddenly I noticed I was removed from Ancient Skeleton Dungeon and I found myself outside the Ancient Skele Portal in Skele Dungeon. I also found that I lost the "Welcome Buff" suddenly.

    I also found that I am unable to re-enter the Ancient Dungeon.

    I suspect that all players who lvl up from lvl 21 to lvl 22 will experience this issue.

    Before I left my PC, I was lvl 21. When I came back and found myself outside Ancient Skele, I am already lvl 22.

    Please attach a screenshot if possible. (Please see attached screen shots)


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    As we checked, Welcome Buff and Experience Buff are through 15 days manuals.
    If you used your manuals when event started, buffs should be over by now.

    You can still take Iri's buff in Reboldoeux until the end of the event, 25th Apr.

    Thank you,

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