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    Of Gluttony and Fallen Soul

    Hi, I am a newbie. Recently I managed to progress up to the Frozen Plain. Problem is I can't level my characters effectively bcos of the white ball of lights that were the results of killing some mobs. My afk characters kept dying from the atk of the ball of lights. Any suggestions/tips? tyvm

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    Best tip I can offer you for snow maps is to never afk there. It is a waste of pet food to try and loot something good. If you are there for questing just try and finish them as soon as possible while active farming quest items or materials.
    You can also get allot of materials for katovic soup ( you need 3 of them total) in Ustiur Base Camp farm. Might take a while to get any high amount of harvests, but long term it might be worth it.

    Bahamar Underground Cave might be a better alternative place for free lvling around this level. I think you can enter there from Bahamar Marshlands and Swamp of Peril. Late game leveling is not really a chore as you can start vesping in Sacred Sedecram dungeon - it is a cash area, but number of events provide the passes or you can buy them from feso shop. You need a good spacebar dps for it, maybe some potion buffs and good undead racial weapon.
    Some people use Jack to vesp, JD, CC/CSC are nice too, and any newer chars that hit hard.

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    Thank you for your advice. I just discovered the Settlement Manual that i got as a newbie beside giving various buffs also allow me to go into Ancient Dungeons. Now leveling in Ancient Castilla

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    I recommend you leaving afk in places with high respawn rate so you can loot a lot of weapons and sell them for 8m+ per day/night

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