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Honestly i rather they use whatever funds on remastering to further update the game,there's still plenty of places left to go to.

Character models still look great,though that's more of a testament to how good the artstyle is.

I do remember at one point they were gonna add real time display of lightning and shadows,an optional thing like this would be good.

Shadows are things that you don't notice as much and are super intensive on the CPU, which in an RTS or MMO game this is what you stress out first.

They need bigger options for texture sizes many older games had lots of options for this even.

The game could use DX11/DX12 or Vulkan optimizations even if optional launch option & needs better texture quality.

They should also add an option for SMAA option in the game its super low intensive and this game has bad aliasing.

I took bad comparison screenshots because I was in a hurry but look at Leona legs in the comparison image in my thread here