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    Lightbulb Player Twitch Event Rules - Blindshot89

    Hey guys thanks to TeamNF we are able to do Events while Streaming NF.

    For that i will open sometimes GBs and do little Events where you can win one Expertpack(200 experts)
    I will also do the Events on request so please inform everyone in your fleet and your friends to check out the rules.
    So i dont have to repeat it 1000 times the room might close like the other day

    There are 3 Quests, each player can choose or better guess but only one guess per player:
    Before the game start you can whisp me ingame your guess. The one who guessed first with the right answer wins.
    So there are max of 3 Winners in total.

    Quest 1:
    Guess who does the max total damage in this round (guess the player name)

    Quest 2:
    Guess who does the most true damage. (damage *accuracy) for example 40000 dmg with accuracy of 50% makes 20000 True damage.

    Quest 3: Just leave the ingame name on twitch and follow Channel. After game i pick randomly one lucky guy to get 200 experts.

    Twitch channel:

    Make an account on twitch so u can take part on the event.
    dont use AA if u choose yourself since it will decrease your accuracy in %
    dont use AA on teammates to manipulate your accuracy in % (This will result in a ban from the events)
    You wont be able to guess and win something and also no one can choose you if you are blacklisted.

    If something unclear then leave a msg here so we can discuss it. Other Quest suggestions welcome.
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    Nice initiative Blindshot. Hope it goes well .
    If you need any help, just let me know.

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