Hello forum!

Just thought I wanted to add some of my suggestions which I think may improve the overall experience of the game.
Feel free to discuss changes here too.

First of all, I think more chat channels in Navyfield would be nice. Sort of like you have in games like WoW. Where you can join and leave channels 1-5(just and example) which might be 1. All chat 2. Battle channels 3. Help? 4. GM channel
Etc. It would make it easier for people to ask others that are online to play a game, if they need help etc.

Second suggestion is just a server count? Maybe to just see how many players are online, and maybe which players are online, and wether they are in port, world map or in a battle.

Third suggestion I think they're actually working on. Just a more "intuitive" options menu? First of all, maybe bind it to esc? So you get the "standard" options, quit game, log out etc. Would also like to see more resolution options; recently heard they are trying to do this, maybe a "fullscreen/windowed" option etc.

Feel free to add anything if it is close to what I suggested. Also give feedback if you want.