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    BB6 & CV6 Decrease Costs back to old ?

    Possible to get the same costs like in the old NFEU for BB6 and CV6 ?
    Thinking of 30mio Credits + 20mio Points for BB6
    50mio Credits + 20mio Points for CV6

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    This is a good idea!!

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    EuroGameZ! Be benevolent. plz!

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    We will think about this suggestion ^^

    Team EuroGameZ

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    Taking into account that such decrease is rather great, players who already bought BB6 should get back the difference of the old and new price. Otherwise it wont be fair. It can be easiely done via support tickets.

    As for me current prices are optimal because BB6 or CV6 are end game ships and should be not so easy to get.

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