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    Live Steam! Come and help me Promote GE EU

    Hey guys i am gonna go live on
    Make sure to come and check it out maybe even Sub here ! Doing Garcia and scenario missions!

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    Good to see you in your Twitch ch. If you make a notice in game for your channel, you may get more visitors.
    And after recording, if you got youtube ch., you can link your youtube ch. here also.

    Tip. If you open chat room while you stream, it could be better to communicate with viewers.

    Thank you,
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    Hey team ge ty for ur tips chat is open and welcoming every 1 to come and chill with me while stream is live even u i dont have youtube ch atm but maybe i will 1 day.

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    Hey just wanted to let all know i had a problem with voice recording for some reason so i am sorry from advance.

    About to go live soon few last preparation and we live :P see u guys there

  6. #6 Stream for any1 who missed! 200 Lyndon box OPEN! 2 donations?! Ty every who was there!

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    We are going live! Viron Scenario!!! Hope to see u guys there!

  8. #8 100 lyndon box Opening! Ty for every1 who was here! see u guys tomorrow! much love!

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    Going live once again after i small break! See u guys there!

    Just chilling with scenario quests! come and chat with me !

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