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    Another 400 LFB Box opening! Hit me up there with family name!

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    Here we go again guys! 200 LFB but this time 200 LB As well!!!!!

    Dont miss it at

    Cya u guys there!

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    here is the stream vid guys.. ty for every 1 who was there! 400 LFB box enjoy!

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    Will there be another stream when Daria releases? !!

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    Hey Kurunako <3 there will be now doing some scenario quests u and the rest are more then welcome to join!

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    Love your stream man keep up the good work and promote the game so we get more people online! xd

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    Ty alot Mus1cmaker Will do the best i can to keep the server up and expose it to more people!!!

  9. #29 We ARE LIVE! come and spread the word! GE EU For ever!

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    Stream over for today! it was 2 part dou to problem so will link 2 videos this time!

    Scenario had to do Mboma viron 2 and more quests! ( mboma sub is pain in the ass )

    Enjoy it guys! let me know what u think down below! <3

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