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    [GE_EU] The Best Ever Blowout Support Event (2)

    Hello Pioneers,

    Event Page on the website is preparing.
    As soon as the page error is fixed, we will change the link to GEEU website page.

    You can use Ctrl + here to see the images bigger.

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    This is not an event. Especially a "Gear support" event. By the time we get to lvl 60, probably we have better gears than strata. :/
    And also, it's really BS that if we miss 1 day, everything resets back to 0. And 56 days straight log ins to get 1 box that gives 90% basic recruitment chars, well..that's "awesome" !
    So, if we do quests for 11 days straight we get Training Card B ...B!!!!! x1.. SERIOUSLY?!

    No imagination whatsoever on this event. It's more for higher level families and period.

    I'm negative at this moment because this thing can't be called an BLOW OUT event.. better a "blow-job" event in our faces.

    I'm really disappointed !

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