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    Indeed the problem here is how to make the game more playable independently from cash items - better roulettes rewards/boss drops to make vis great again! Also, increase the items' price in NPC shop so more people will farm! (of course ban alts/bots/multiclients to stop ppl from selling vis for cash)

    Quote Originally Posted by metalsadman View Post
    this is what they should tackle right here. lower the payments on things like enchanting and that stupid opening of slots it's hellish expensive tbh and we do this nomaly to insert rumins into our equipments (not even counting the tranquilizer expense in here * hell they should also update this item's price or lessen the required piece for 100% to half).

    I'm still against 1 vis event, it doesn't justify the 1 vis payment if the price of chips will also diminish to a pulp...

    increase the rate of EJ's from roulette, lower the roulette prices, remove the friggin e96/e92 armors/weapons (150-200k crap for the price of 4m friggin roulette, come on!) in high end missions exchange it with plat bars maybe (like old BH missions in the past!!!!!!!)... make the goddam roulettes great ffs! and don't think about releasing EJ's in CASH SHOP AGAIN GEEU (i know this is the instant thing you will think about for a solution, if you do better just close now).

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    Quote Originally Posted by lizzuynz View Post
    What GMs don't want you to know next patch (hence they haven't translated the patch note) (Part Raid 1.E)
    I already ranted about this here ..

    i dunno if this will be a new reputation system tho.

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    Thanks sge paytards Lel

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    I have a feeling you're expecting to milk some people through your 4200eg feso sale with this after selling a character box that gave out random NPC's.

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