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    Dear NFEU Captains,

    Sorry about the situation and we will try to set more things for more people online.
    There are not many things from dev and EuroGameZ also think it's sad situation.

    But even though the situation, we will keep service this game and will keep trying things.

    Team EuroGameZ

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    Eurogamez doesn't know why most people left. As a response, they increased exp across the board and they made an event with item drops (anybody got anything interesting?) and higher vet conversion rate, without properly communicating it. So it has no effect: people have not been coming back.

    What could be the main reasons for people leaving?

    In my opinion:

    - crashes and desyncs
    - effective "paywall" after blitzkrieg. Everybody who wants to continue after level 65 needs to invest into experts and convert those, especially for support sailors.

    Those things need to be addressed, if this game is to remain alive. It might be too late now, as most people got over their initial enthusiasm and left. But it would be worthwhile to try at least to make people come back.

    The business model of 10 years ago doesn't work anymore. At that time, Navyfield was the only multiplayer online tactical game, so everybody was happy to pay to keep playing. This is no longer the case.
    Now, in order to have some people spend money, you need to attract and retain many more "free" players, like Wargaming does. Nowadays, nobody is going to spend money when there are only very few people online.
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    Dear dudelebowski,

    Thank you for your points and we will consider that things as a event format.

    We think your thinking about the situation is overally right and EuroGameZ will try to make this game survived in this situation.

    We will communicate more with people here in forum.

    Thank you

    Team EuroGameZ

    PS: EuroGameZ also knows the competitive situation and not that greedy about NFEU.
    We will run this server for Fans of this game continuously.

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