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    [GE_EU] 2017 Loading Image Contest Winner Notice

    Hello GEEU Fans,

    Thank you very much for your interests and participation in 2017 Loading Image Contest.
    We appreciate for your hard works and for participating the event.

    Congratulations for all winners and thank you for joining the event.

    ※ We will send a small gift for all participants.
    -> Brown School Look for Nena (New)
    * The costume is going to be sent during the next maintenance *added

    [Winner List]

    1st Place: Hildairre family

    2nd Place: Enigmatic, CookingPapa family

    3rd Place: Lurien, Tesalonika, Yemdel family

    4th Place: verric, EvilGenius, Bronfezangs2, Gars, CopperCat

    1st Place
    Hildairre family

    2nd Place
    Enigmatic family

    2nd Place
    CookingPapa family

    3rd Place
    Lurien family

    3rd Place Tesalonika family

    3rd Place
    Yemdel family

    [Note for Winners]

    1. The rewards is going to be sent on May 31.

    2. To add your works ingame, please send us the original psd file. You can send it to us not only the selected work but also the other entries.

    The original file(psd) submission period for the winners (Winners only): Till 13.06.2017
    Both sizes are needed to be sent. (1920x1080 and 1600x1200)
    - Email to:

    Thank you,
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    GEEU Website:
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    I dont know all winning image but i saw some winner private people's work.
    +7 GMT server, #makeithappen

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    Congrats everyone!!
    Excited for Nena's costume - now I have to recruit her :3

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    wew andre jsut 2nd...or i should say how the fk andre 2nd?XD bahahah
    oh well gratz all

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    Oh this is unexpected O.O Thank you and Congratulations to everyone :3

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