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    mustache > pubic hair.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ownagz View Post
    Daisy also has 10% def ignore on stance if im correct lol, prefix mind surely works in mysterieus ways. I just asked for veil vs daisy, idc about caly or hermes or whatsoever
    Well I don't got either to test but judging from what I seen she isn't really good for pve.

    I do think we will get another xbow user within next few months though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xelaine View Post
    Why? OMG Why? Veil isnt Caly/Ralph, he never was armor-killer, even near. Veil has ONLY 10 base pene, after patch - 34 pene. For example Caly has 25 base + 22 from job + 15% of whole pene. Dont know where from are you always taking weirdo ideas.
    Veil can get an extra crossbow which gives him the possibility to get 3x 8 pene + chip extra, though

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