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    Yggdrasil Online - A novel inspired by GE

    Hi please pardon my broken English, i did this as fast as i can without correcting any mistakes as i had my other work to do.

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    “Stand in line, don’t move” as the guild leader of Ragnarok, Mephisto shouts his commands while trying to organize the unruly mob in front of him to take a final guild photo. It can’t be helped, that everyone is not listening and shuffling around like little kids and talking to each other it is after all their last guild photo/event. Emotions were mixed, some happy , some sad, some angry, some excited but the majority of them are feeling excited that there would be a new chapter of their life. looking at them, one would hardly believe that this was a champion guild that has conquered many other guilds in terms of achievements in game. Finally, after some ALL CAPS commands typed out, everyone quieten down and got in line and a picture was taken. It was truly a sight to behold, all 200 members of the world renowned and elite guild “Ragnarok” were in the picture. The game has a paranormal SS system so there was no need for everyone to squeeze together. It was possible to see all the names and class of the players; fighters, scouts, elementalist, musketeers and more , not including the special characters that are only obtainable tru in game quest.

    As mephisto scan through the members row by row, he furrowed his brows and felt that he was missing someone.
    “WHERE THE HECK ARE YOU, this is our final guild photo and the game will go offline in 20mins, and everyone is ready and waiting for you” the message was sent to the guild’s most powerful player Arcaras.
    “Hello mephy =) I am killing Novia now , just 5 more mins plssssss”
    Mephisto was speechless this fella had the balls to go and challenge a field raid boss all alone which would normally require at least 10 players to kill. she even had the time to reply him.
    “can u even get pass her dire life status?” Mephisto asked this question but he already know the answer.
    “sure, easy peasy”
    Dire life status was an in game mechanic whereby the boss goes into crazy mode once it hits a low hp.
    Sure enough after 2mins, arcaras appear before mephisto.
    “what did u get?” although mephisto disapproves of arcaras prioritizing the boss over the guild photo event he can’t stop his nature to inquire about the loots.
    “Sandglass of novia” arcaras replied calmly
    “WTF!” mephisto don’t know to laugh or to cry , this gal actually got something with a drop rate as low as 0.01% and how they know this number is through the game database available in game.

    He wanted to laugh because it was an extremely rare and powerful item which could be equiped to boost the stats of the character and he felt happy for arcaras. He wanted to cry because it dosent matter anymore since the game is about to end literally in 20mins.
    Just a few weeks ago , the game publisher cum producer had announced that they would move on to the next phase of the game for “Yggdrasil Online” the beta for the game is finally over. “Yggdrasil Online” or in short “YO” was a phenomenal success in the gaming world. Prior to its release it was the most hyped MMORPG ever to be introduced. The game was met with such success largely due to its state of the art amazing graphics and unique playstyle where players can control 3 characters at the sametime.
    The user interface was friendly and appeals to both the young and old. The beta was suppose to end in 3mths but due to overwhelming subscriptions from all over the world and player requests, the schedule for the beta to end was further extended to 6mths. After playing for a mth, Most players don’t want the beta to end as they truly enjoy the game and wanted it to last abit longer, because if beta ends, their accounts will be wiped and they had to start from scratch.
    During the beta stage, the GM organized many in game events such as search and gather quest, boss kill quest, pvp quest, town defense quest, colony wars, all of which ragnarok dominates the leader boards. It was no small achievement because they had to compete with many other guilds from all over the world.

    As mephisto took the second guild picture he signs as he thought back of all those times he had in the game. A large part of how they get to this current standing is due to the contributions of Arcaras. He cant helped but think that without the help of arcaras they would never be where they are today so he had to ask her the question which he had been dying to ask for the past few weeks. Him meeting her was like a one in a million chance , he never thought that there could be such a female gamer with godly mechanical skills and mephisto himself was an ex esports player and his standards is by no means low.
    “Hey arcaras, will you continue to play YO after this……”
    “Will you play too?” the reply was instant
    “I will play it, I kinda love it actually….” Mephisto mind was made up since day 1
    The next reply melt mephisto’s heart
    “Yes! I will play it, I enjoy this game when I play it with you =)”
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