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    [GE_EU][11/07] Regular Maintenance - 28.00.72 (08:00 till 11:00) - CEST

    Hello GEEU Fans,

    On 11th of July 2017, our Game Server is going to be down for the temporary maintenance.

    - GEEU game server: From 08:00 till 11:00 (CEST)

    [Patch Details]

    1. Lyndon Box Event starts.

    - Period: 11.07.2017 ~ 25.07.2017
    - New Rare Stance [Violeta Fero] for Nena Character is added.

    A. When Nena character wear Polearm style weapon, she can use the exclusive stance [Violeta Fero].
    B. When use the stance, the appearance of the character changes.
    C. [Violeta Fero] stance and skill ring is added to 'Stance Ring Box' and 'Ring Box of Genos'.
    D. The character voice of [Violeta Fero] is added.

    - Additional Rewards

    (1) After opening the box for a fixed times, to receive the special rewards, you will need to move once a zone.
    (2) If you missed to receive the additional rewards during the event, the rewards will not bo supplied after the event ends.

    ************************************************** ********************

    2. Marchetti Quiz! Quiz! Event begins.

    - Period: 11.07.2017 ~ 25.07.2017
    - The event details will be opened during the maintenance time.

    4. The additional time to Tiera De La Sed buff will be set as follow.
    - 14:00 to 15:00, Every day. (The battle opens once at 9:30 to 10:00 as it was.) *fixed

    5. Yeganeh Event closes.

    6. Rare Pet Sales Event starts.
    - Period: 11.07.2017 ~ 25.07.2017

    7. Some typos will be fixed.

    8. +8 Anti-Destroy : High Master item has been changed to 2 of +7 Anti-Destroy : High Master Item.
    (Only players who have the item before.) *added


    3. 28.00.72 Version Update is applied.

    (Some of patch notes were not included.)

    The revisions and additions in [Granado Espada 27.96.08] through the routine maintenance on March 23, 2017, are as follows.

    6. New 6 Rank Mission is added.
    - Individual Raid : Dekaravia, Ureus, Rafflesia
    - 1 time for free, additional entry for using Boosting Package, Mission Rank 6 VIP, Mission Rank 6 VVIP medal.
    - Possible to check the details in 'Mission Info. Center'.

    7. The item name of Shiny Box of Letizia changes to 'Shiny Box of Zenia'.
    - Addition of Reward Items

    - Change of the number of rewards.

    8. Lightning Orb item tootip changes.

    9. Blood Navy / Supreme Commander Cano Brown School Look, Blood Navy / Supreme Commander Cano Green School Look costume socket processing problem will be fixed.

    The revisions and additions in [Granado Espada 27.98.28] through the routine maintenance on March 30, 2017, are as follows.

    1. Change of [Whisper] Stance
    - After using <Hatcher> skill, it will be fixed the problem that <Sainquis's Cynical Smile> buff became higher abnormally after using <Hatcher> skill when cancel many of enemy's 'invisible' using <Invisible Detect>.
    - It will be fixed the problem that <Heavy Pressure>, 'Cancel invincible skill of enemy', was not applied.

    The revisions and additions in [Granado Espada 28.00.72] through the routine maintenance on April 6, 2017, are as follows.

    2. Some of Stance and Skill changes.

    3. Ciel character will be added to Rare Character Chest of Heavn Box item.

    5. Hermes character, [Whisper] stance and skill motion are changed.


    Once patch is done, the patch note can be updated.

    Thank you,
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    Where can I find patch notes for 28.00.72 Version?
    Is it possible to keep the costumes instead of changing appearance while using violetta ferrolino

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    costumes won't apply, the stance itself changes your look :x., use chrome to auto translate or paste the link into a googletranslate tab.

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    Land of Dead
    Can add joshua in lyndon box?

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    Quote Originally Posted by encko View Post
    Can add joshua in lyndon box?
    " Satis Faction "

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    PLS, Nerf MMA, PLS!!!!

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    9x Dazzling Spod... wtf? Kill f2p, not exactly p2w yet though.

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    I think we have too many Nenas alrdy!

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    Quote Originally Posted by AllMezzedUp View Post
    I think we have too many Nenas alrdy!
    There is no such thing as too many Nenas.

    ( ͡
    Enigmatic Family.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Edesse View Post
    There is no such thing as too many Nenas.

    ( ͡
    well i got 1 from quest and 1 was given by mistake by GEEU as a welcome gift for sGE players. Then i was given Nina which was supposed to be the real gift. Few days later, got another Nina in my inventory. So now 2 Ninas and 2 Nenas. If i play the Lyndon boxes and get another Nena.......

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