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    Future Events in GEEU?

    Hello Pioneers!

    What kind of in game events would you like to see in the future? Other than Hide and Seek...

    I would like to read what you guys ideas will be and hopefully see some of those events in the future.


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    I would like to see an event where we don't have to spam enter to accept quests or enter raids.
    An option to directly start raids instead of clicking. For example, you open mission center (Ctrl+M) choose a mission and it will start with 1 click.

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    I would like to see events that arent alt abused massively like the strata accesoire one.

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    Perhaps an event that doesnt require you to listen to asian girls moaning amd guess which char it is ( I honestly never played GE with sound so i was grossed if people play it with voices on lol)

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