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    Armonia Massive Delay and Lag

    The delay and lag in Armonia Fields is unacceptable it feels like i'm doing CB but there's absolutely no one in the map. Channeling spells don't work properly with invulnerable on especially in Armonia En Celar. Also Joshua Channeling Spells are bugged it seems to hit more times when there's no lag and lesser when there is. It hits 6-7 times in Armonia En Celar but 11 times and 16 times for the 3rd and last skill respectively in Armonia Gloria and Biego and at the dummy in Auch. Please fix this. A normal Armonia daily run used to take me 30-40mins but it takes me over an hour with this lag and the glitches mentioned. And i'm not the only one facing this issue it's likely a server wide thing please fix this soon thank you.

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    this also happens to me and all my faction members. Armonia maps, specially en serrar and latina really laaag, liek for real, took me around 3-4 seconds to move my character properly, while in other maps that Armonia maps, the connection is very smooth, please look at this problem GEEU Team!

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