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    Question Vesping requirements


    With the Ancient/Forogotten places being open due to the event. just want to ask what are the requirements so you can vesp?

    I bought the CC package before it ended and now have a master CC, but due to the best blowout gears expiring, my experimental gears are now gone. my CC using exp cannon is just at 68 AR but i only have Cres armor so i die with vesp.

    what is the minimum gear i can buy to vesp?
    or is it even worth vesping with 68/69 AR 63 DR?
    what other alternatives can i do?

    im trying to level my other chars so i can get to fam 30 and get to kielce to get JD

    EDIT: i tried it desperately and got a wing, a 33 DR armor, and a couply of steroid pots and principal pots i can now go vesp on the lowest level.
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    Pay someone else to vesp you. It is the cheapest and most efficient way for you atm. Join faction or something.

    +5/6 ELN dr+3 or just max def 3s with def
    Magic leather gloves/boots max def aspd
    Magic leather belt dex
    Enhanced Physical neck(-10%) or dex+3 crafted
    Shadow of Abyss earring.
    If you want to afk use -5% melee rings at the cost of 4 dex if you still need to survive.
    Use period ring coupon and buy Crystal Wings.
    As for weapon +6 33 ar cannon atk undead min.
    Note that this is min I cannot guarantee that it will be efficient. It is simply not worth for short term.

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    My opinion, it would be:
    +5/6 ELN DR3 with 3S with immunity 6 or def
    Magic/ Aiming Gloves with good ASPD and Def
    Belt/Shoes that have good def OPT
    for wep, +7 AR 31 with Attack and UD opt is a must
    wings with UD opt

    Tried it but I was at lvl 43 fam lvl with max faction buff

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    easiest solution (and probably the most cheap one): get a Jack, get him a constellation hammer (33 AR base, upgrades past +5 are optional, and so is the chipping), get his Destroyer stance and the materials for the towers, vesp semi-afk with towers. Its probably faster than going with cannons or melees, but it cannot be done fully afk. If you just need a few chars levelled up, its just fine to go this way.

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