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    If i am not wrong, i remember that years ago there seems to be quite a popular guy call barstool who play ge also.

    i think he played in the version of ge called sword of the new world.

    i am just curious lololololololol..... is barstool still around? is he on geeu server?
    WTB +7 divine pistol and +7 divine cannon

    WTB Armonia glove with +20% atk spd and Strata glove with +20% atk spd

    Please pm me in forum to meet in-game for trade.

    You can also msg me in-game. My family name is STKMRO

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    That's looooong ago.. Wasn't he a moderator at K2/G1?

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    Quote Originally Posted by skiwi View Post
    That's looooong ago.. Wasn't he a moderator at K2/G1?
    Forum moderator only but yeah.
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