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    try and try )). good luck

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    I love quests likes this that is actually a hybrid. You can't just pump out lots of vis to easily finish it (it helps but only to a certain extent) but you actually have to "play the game".

    I finished it with one tank and two shooters pre-buffed with cash items (princ amp, steroid, etc.). The secret is you have to "game" the system by kinda fooling the bombardment. Just let your tank get their aggro asap taking advantage of your free invul buff. Run to wider place and park the two shooters somewhere. Let your tank dance around your shooters while they shoot. Try not to get your tank close to the shooters. Because you're actively using your tank alone, the places where your tank has been will be the places that will be bombarded and your shooters will stay relatively safe. If any of your character dies, just sc asap, rinse and repeat. It helps if your shooter's attack is aoe and if you don't have shooters, try experimenting with a different setup. Like I said earlier, "play the game". Good luck.
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    Quote Originally Posted by skiwi View Post
    It should be easy to Google, unless all sites have died since I have last played, in that case I'm sorry.

    The table goes as follows, when you are 5 are below then you deal -50% damage, 4 is -40%, etc. up to 5 over is +50%. More below or under and it will still cap at 50% either way. Being too low on AR does cause you to miss more, these calculations are only for hits that land.

    The amount if damage 1 AR adds is thus also not static. From -5 to -4 you go from a 0.5 to a 0.6 modifier so a 20% increase, b ut from 4 to 5 you go from 1.4 to a 1.5 modifier so that increase is way lower.

    And then I believe every AR also counts for 1 penetration and every DR for 1 immunity roughly in the damage calculations.
    well, thats what im talking about when im asking to be useful. on the - part, your formula and mine agree, but on the + part, they dont. if its not too much effort, may i have a link so i can compare those two a bit better?

    as for the bombardments... yikes. yea. there was something. did anyone ever think of kiting? in terms of avoiding the bombs, it would be easier, i guess. but would that work when it comes to tanking the hits from the mobs? back then, i did that quest with a viki team, that has to be played differently anyway...

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    I'm not sure if there are still links around... I obtained these numbers from other resources and verified them by testing some years ago. As far as I know they are still correct and I've played on and off the last year's and didn't notice anything odd about them.

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    Now my team is Vanshee Leona and Anis but nothing !!!! with this quest

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    Finished it with Leona, Hermes and Emilia.

    1. Before entering the mission use steroid, principle ampule(or potion if you're rich), Hermes potion, Melee/Shoot/Magic ampule is good but optional.

    2. At the beginning of the mission, run to the north or south. Because of the constant bombardment fighting in the bridge is not recommended. If you're at the wider field you can continue running to lose aggro so you can pick them 1 by 1. But be careful of the low time limit of this mission.

    3. As for the bombardment. 1 will always target your leader character (the one highlighted with green/circle in its feet) and the other is mostly random. I recommend using solo control for this one. Use your melee to tank/dps the mob and your range char as dps while you dodge the bombardment with your leader character. Rinse and repeat until you kill all 4.

    I use +6 divine weapons with no human racials for this quest.

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