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    [GE_EU][25/07] Regular Maintenance - 28.00.72 (08:00 till 11:00) - CEST

    Hello GEEU Fans,

    On 25th of July 2017, our Game Server is going to be down for the regular maintenance.

    - GEEU game server: From 08:00 till 11:00 (CEST)

    [Patch Details]

    1. Web / Letizia Feso Gift Box is updated.

    2. The way of buff application of Elephant Pet is returned as the past.

    3. Lyndon Box Event closes.

    4. 1 Vis Additional Roulette Event ends.

    5. Summer Character Sales Event closes.

    6. Rare Pet Sales Event ends.

    7. Some typos is fixed.

    1. Marchetti Quiz Quiz Event is extended by 1 week.

    Once patch is done, the patch note can be updated.

    Thank you,
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    I thought 1 visu event was 1 more week?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Prefix View Post
    I thought 1 visu event was 1 more week?
    Quote Originally Posted by GEEU_Team View Post
    [Patch Details]

    1. 1 Vis Additional Roulette Event starts.
    - Period: 18.07.2017 ~ 25.07.2017
    W/o any comments...
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    Hello, Mighty Cross Family talking ...
    It is sad to remove such good sales so quickly, am referring to the Rear Carectors, pits & others.

    You add those just for one week & the time was so wrong, not good for most players ... I mean you need to pet in your maind the correct time ... It should be for a month from day 1 up to day 30 or at least from Day 15 up to Day 31... So player can buy ... Alot of players can not get use of this big sale u going to remove in this next maintenance 😢

    Am asking you to extiend those seals especially the Rear Pits, Carectors & the 40% seal on 300 Grouth Stones...

    One more time consider the time you add seal on the game or the web site ... In short words extend it from the middle of the month to the last day... So player can buy & there salary available.

    mighty Cross Family.

    Too bad for this event seal...

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    Mightycross, there will be plenty of sales troughout the year. And to be honest the price of pets was insanely high this time, i remember buying my diablo for 1k-1.5k egc or less a few months ago. Just have some patience ^^

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    Thanks for your replay dear ownagz xD

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