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    Now server is online and we will keep monitoring and fixing things.

    Other compensation will be too.

    Team EuroGameZ

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    Nothing changed. I get always disconnected from the server... every 10-15 min disconnect.

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    Hello everybody,
    So it is slow now. Every time when you log in comes directly 5 sec later the message they have logged out and then you come at least 10 min. No more pure i play the game so gladly but when you play and every time logged out when the round is over it makes no sense to continue playing this game. Man can write here to the support as one wants to get no answer. So I as well as other players pay enough money for this game and you do not get it in the handle of this to solve. It would be really nice if so slowly times what does.
    Sorry if something is not spelled right here it is all about the translator written.

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    Maybe you should look for new games: /

    It is very sad that you can not keep the constant.

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    Yes, end lag.

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