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    log in doesn't work

    since two hours I'm not able to log in

    if i try to log in it takes a while and than the following message appears

    but this is not the first time that this error occurs


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    hey good_like,

    i think everyone has the problem of not beeing able to log in. As it seems the server does not give a feedback on the log in request in time, thats why it times out. So I either guess the server is completly down or the recent troubles are ongoing.

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    can we expect a solution in the near future?

    does someone knows that?

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    I got the same issue right now

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    Mabye you can give us some informations about the server status? How long it will be down? Why is it down?

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    yup same happening to me for last three days. i was able to log in yesterday evening and today in the morning.

    looks like the server is clogged or down
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    is the server down or the recent troubles are ongoing?

    eurogamez pls. give a statement!

    still doesn't works

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    Fast reaction.

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    any1 sent ticket yet?

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    yes i did!

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