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Thread: Catching up

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    Catching up

    Hi i used to play this game years ago on gamers first/T3 and i feel like playing again. Like the title says im just curious how difficult it is to catch up with everyone. I know when i used to play catching up was hard going unless you were in a powerful faction who didn't want you cause you weren't geared enough but you couldn't gear up cause you weren't in a powerful faction, such a fun cycle. I don't mind putting time in but i just want to know if it's worth it.

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    Your a few months too late unfortunately because there have been plenty of events recently that catered more to the newcomers because of recent closure of SEA GE server.

    Still, although you missed plenty of free stuff, I think it is worth it. You will still find players doing low level stuff and there are still events every now and then that benefit newcomers more. The only critical problem right now is the very expensive growth stone prives which is devastating to newcomers.

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    That's usually my how my luck with events goes >< I'll give it a go.

    Edit: i did read about the growth stones and that might be a problem later on down the road.
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